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Title: استثمار العقار الفلاحي في القانون الجزائري عن طريق الامتياز
Authors: نوال, يحياوي
هند, بوعموشة
Keywords: القانون الجزائري - الإستثمار - الإمتياز - العقار الفلاحي
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: The issue of the agricultural land concession contract in the Algerian legislation has great importance that lies in preserving the national property and agricultural lands, which would contribute to making the farming sector an effective alternative to advance Algeria's economic development, and the concession contract is a new system on the Algerian real estate policy that has been in place since independence, Therefore, we find that the legislator urged him to establish a legal arsenal that regulates its provisions, which strengthened the task of controlling the exploitation of agricultural lands and giving the bodies entrusted with the task of control and management the right to recover agricultural lands in the event of a breach of the obligations on the part of the concessionaire in order to achieve the desired goals. It also arranges rights for the benefit of the privileged employees whose people are entitled to the concession over the agricultural lands and the surface groves connected to it, the possibility of acquiring several rights to expand the agricultural investment and its Egypt, the right to have children from the peasant investor, the right to obtain opportunities and support the state, and the right to establish a partnership.
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